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3d printed sugar bowl


Most of you know me for my laser cutting work, however my other passion is additive manufacturing or 3D printing as it is commonly known. I have worked in this industry for a large portion of my career and use it on a daily bases to create parts, models and end user products.

Some time ago I started researching how to 3d print sugar. Using my powder based system I optimised it to be able to create 3d printed models made completely from sugar. Best part is you can eat it too!!

This opens up a world of opportunity.

This is a example of a model I created last week.

My plans are to continue developing the system and working to a better end product.

You could say my job is pretty sweet.

Come and visit us at 3dchef and see our latest edible 3d prints.





My stamp on NYC

muzoo design Bouchon bakkery

I recently finished a custom made stamp for Bouchon Bakery in New York City.

Bouchon Bakery is located at New York’s iconic Rockefeller Center directly across the plaza from the studios NBC Today Show studios.
Now I do not know the actual use for the stamp but it was pretty big so I am hoping you may see it on some of their famous Cookies. I think a trip to NYC is in order.

I am very proud of this as you can imagine.

muzoo design rockefeller

muzoo design Bouchon bakkery inside

Sweet Jesus!!

muzoo design Sweet jesus sugar

Another laser project. This time again in sugar.
You can create the sweetest little things.

muzoo design sweet jesus


Does anyone else see Jesus in my Burrito!

muzoo design jesus in tortillamuzoo design jesus face in tortilla


Can you laser engrave a Potato to create a stamp?

Today’s question.

Can you laser engrave a potato to make an ink stamp?

Yes you can. It worked really well too…



Laser engrave your own book

Heres a quick one.

I recently made this laser engraved graphic for the front of a sketch book for a friend of mine who loves to draw.
Its a simple thing that takes an ordinary sketch book and makes it something cool and personal.
Throw on a few mushi tapes, buttons, stickers what ever you like and Vola, instant success and hours of drawing pleasure!!


My Sweet heart

muzoo desgn Sweet heart

I have not posted for a while until I had a brain wave for this Valentine’s Day.
A sugar printed heart ring for my sweet heart using just my laser cutter.

I had done sugar rings earlier but now I made a more elaborate setup for better layer control.
I am quite happy. Each ring takes about 2 minutes to create.

muzoo design Sweet heart 005

muzoo design Sweet heart 002

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