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Laser-Cut Earbud Owl Keeps Your Cords Tangle-Free

I’m a big fan of anything that corrals our cord clutter, but we can’t help but appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this very clever DIY earbud owl. The design template is available as a download from Thingiverse; once you’ve got it, all you need is a laser cutter. If you have one go hooting crazy otherwise send me an email and we’ll cut you one for a small fee.

The Thingiverse design shows an earbud owl cut from plastic, but we really appreciate the rustic woodcut pictured. Either way, this is one impressive but relatively simple DIY.


Laser cutting love

This blog is for anyone who loves seeing and working with laser cutters.

It will be a collection of my own work and that of others which I find interesting and would like to share.

I am a bit of an absent minded professor who loves to be
creative and is not that uncommon for me to work late into the night making my latest creations.

Humming away in my workshop my tool of choice is my laser cutter.

I have been working with laser cutters for years to make everything from architectural models to jewellery.

I love this machine and the flexibly of them.

Even to this day I still love watching them engrave a cut away my latest projects.

I hope you enjoy your time here & remember to always have fun!

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