Laser fees & Drawing setup

laser fees
Currently we are looking into the feasibility of setting up a community workshop called a Fablab, here in the city of Tilburg.
This Fablab is a digital workspace that both individuals and companies can use and learn about creating almost anything they can think of.

In the future we will have multiple systems available including our laser cutter, 3d printers, and other workshop equipment.

Therefore to begin with and help generate some extra cash follow towards our initiative we have decided to offer rock bottom laser cutting and engraving services to begin with on standard materials.

29.99 –  per hour

18.99 –  per half hour

10 – Standard setup fee for all projects.

(Prices are in Euro and include BTW, invoices available ex BTW for businesses. Excluding material costs).
Currently we will process the files as the laser cutter sits in our studio though once we reach a certain goal we will move our systems to an open workshop location in Tilburg where others can use the systems to create really cool things. These fees are very low and we expect them to be our “User price” once we have a Tilburg location.

Contact us to schedule laser time:

Also if you know anyone who is willing to help us with our quest we would love to hear from them.
Please send us an email to

Drawing setup

There are few simple rules that need to be followed when drawing designs for laser cutting, laser scoring and engraving.
We require vector graphics for the laser to follow. Vector graphics can be created in such programs like Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw or even the free open source version inkscape.

Laser cutting and scoring requires vector graphics for the laser cutter to follow.
The difference is cutting cuts 100% through the material while scoring only removes a small amount and therefore the line can be seen.

Laser engraving can either use vector or bitmap graphics.
Instead of scoring a line it fills in the square making the whole square visible, much the same if you used a pencil to colour in a box.

Our website banners shows all of these:

The text muzoo design and Laser is engraved, filling the space between the lines.
“cutting” is laser scored making the lines visible
“Love” is cut all the way through here we put a red backing on.

Line colours
For us to know what you would like; engraved, scored or cut you need to follow these line colours.

All line widths set to 0.001mm

Engrave – Green line (must be a closed line such as a box to work)
Score-       Black line
Cut-           Red line

If you are using more than 1 score or cut layer it is best to work in layers. The laser cutter will process the job the way your layers are setup.
Therefore make sure you name your layers. Example, score1, score2, cut1, cut2, etc. Also give each layer a new colour other than green black or red

File formats we except.
Illustrator 7 (.ai) or below.


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