Laser services

Our services combine the best of 3.

  1. Laser cutting and laser engraving
  2. Materials
  3. Design services

Laser cutting and engraving.

Our systems in 500mm x 300mm. It’s not the largest machine though it is very versatile.

Our laser cutter is perfect tool for complex designs and prototypes.
The benefits include

  • Complex designs cut and engraved from various materials
  • Sharp clean edges
  • Able to produce very intricate patterns (Perfect for architectural models)
  • Clean holes
  • Fast processing speeds
  • low-cost


Typically we use the following materials, though we are willing to try new one if you’re looking for something special.

Materials Cut Engrave
Acrylic x x
Wood x x
Styrene x x
Cardboard x x
Paper x x
texiles x x ( leather)
Glass x
Tiles x
Metals x (signage)


  • Acrylic ( PMMA, Plexiglas)
  • Two tone acrylic ( top colour is different from main material colour, generally used for instrument panels and signage)
  • Woods ( various types. laser cutting veneer is a great way to make detailed patterns)
  • Styrene ( good use for architectural models)
  • Cardboard ( good for creating 3D effect and depth)
  • Paper ( various grades and thicknesses, often used for wedding invitations)
  • Textiles ( advantage when cutting textiles is the laser helps seal the cut edge to prevent the edge to fray)
  • Glass ( engrave only, such as designs or photo on a vase or glass)
  • Tiles ( engrave only, similar to glass)
  • Metals ( engrave only, we can create signs and markings on various metal objects such as iPhones, door signs, etc)

Design service.

Have an idea but don’t know where to start.
That’s ok, we do.
We can create your designs so you don’t have to. Just tell us what you would like and we’ll work out the rest.
You always get the final say before its approved and produced.
Contact us for further details:


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