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Sweet action- Laser engraved 3d print

Ever wanted to eat your our jewelry or sweeten up your coffee in a unique way?
Well I can now help you with that.

This is a 3d printed ring I made using only my laser cutter and standard white sugar!

The process uses the heat generated in the laser beam to semi-melt the sugar crystals which are then fused together as it cools.
After a single pass on the laser I lowered the Z axis of the laser cutter, threw in a bit more sugar and hit “Go” once again.

I repeated this process 4 times and in the end it created this 5mm thick ring made from just sugar.

And the best part I didn’t even mention yet. While the laser is melting the sugar it smells just like Fairy Floss, oh yum.

How cool is that!?

Since this first attempt I have also produced and interlocking ring to prove its possible.
Now I am thinking of a printing system for even sugar delivery for improved part consistency.

Now I have to come up with something truly “sweet” to make, suggestions welcome.

The structure was stronger than I originally expected.

The ring shape after a single pass of the laser cutter.

The laser engraved sugar link


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