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Love is in the air

With Valentine’s day just around the corner I have thought up a few new ideas to bring out the romantics in all of us.

These collection of goodies can be purchased through my etsy shop here.

I hope you like what I have done.

Here are a collection of laser cut gift cards, perfect for the day.
Each design is then backed with contrasting card to bring out the design.
$3.00 each

This design the laser cut heart can be removed from the card and hang up in your home!


Need a nice box to put your Valentine’s gift in?
Try our Love birds bird house.
You can lift up the lid and place your goodies inside. Close the lid and wait for your partner to come back to the nest!


For those who prefer a more elegant way to impress perhaps these would do nicely.

A laser engraved cheese board and knife $22.35

A personalized pocket mirror, with you partners name engraved on it. $9.95

Or perhaps this bottle opener…


Redesign your wardrobe with a laser cutter

The use of laser cutters in various industries is growing no so more than in the textile industry.

Laser cut or engraved garments are starting to pop up here and there with fine details being the usual use of the systems.
Production companies have used lasers for some time to quickly cut out patterns in fabrics and leather, though it is usually large pieces.

Even companies like UGG shoes, the Australian sheep skin wool shoe manufacture has recently used lasers to engrave intricate patterns on the outside of theirs shoes.
With this is mind I wondered how hard this would be and what is needed to keep in mind.

Grabbing and old shirt I rarely wore I quickly designed my business name “muzoo design” in dots.
I used dots so the surrounding fabric still had enough structure.

I think the result is ok aprt from the 2 small burn marks that happened the moment I looked away, though this is easy to over come.
This is the first attemting and over the winter I will try a few more in time for summer next year.
If you have any good ideas I would like to hear them.

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