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Love is in the air

With Valentine’s day just around the corner I have thought up a few new ideas to bring out the romantics in all of us.

These collection of goodies can be purchased through my etsy shop here.

I hope you like what I have done.

Here are a collection of laser cut gift cards, perfect for the day.
Each design is then backed with contrasting card to bring out the design.
$3.00 each

This design the laser cut heart can be removed from the card and hang up in your home!


Need a nice box to put your Valentine’s gift in?
Try our Love birds bird house.
You can lift up the lid and place your goodies inside. Close the lid and wait for your partner to come back to the nest!


For those who prefer a more elegant way to impress perhaps these would do nicely.

A laser engraved cheese board and knife $22.35

A personalized pocket mirror, with you partners name engraved on it. $9.95

Or perhaps this bottle opener…


Sweet action- Laser engraved 3d print

Ever wanted to eat your our jewelry or sweeten up your coffee in a unique way?
Well I can now help you with that.

This is a 3d printed ring I made using only my laser cutter and standard white sugar!

The process uses the heat generated in the laser beam to semi-melt the sugar crystals which are then fused together as it cools.
After a single pass on the laser I lowered the Z axis of the laser cutter, threw in a bit more sugar and hit “Go” once again.

I repeated this process 4 times and in the end it created this 5mm thick ring made from just sugar.

And the best part I didn’t even mention yet. While the laser is melting the sugar it smells just like Fairy Floss, oh yum.

How cool is that!?

Since this first attempt I have also produced and interlocking ring to prove its possible.
Now I am thinking of a printing system for even sugar delivery for improved part consistency.

Now I have to come up with something truly “sweet” to make, suggestions welcome.

The structure was stronger than I originally expected.

The ring shape after a single pass of the laser cutter.

The laser engraved sugar link


Going bananas!!

As mentioned in my previous blog “Can you laser engrave a cucumber” I wanted to try the same thing with a banana.

Well I did and it worked just how I hoped it would.
This is so damn cool!.

I now have the idea to write different things on the Fruit on Veg such as ” Dont’t forget the milk”.
Then I would put them back on the shelves in the store I got them from and wait to see peoples reactions once they notice the new text.

Its going to be fun.

Can you laser engrave a Cucumber?

As it turns out, yes you can.

Why am I doing this to start with? A good question.
In one of my mad scientist moments while making the dinner last night I wondered “Could I laser engrave a cucumber”.
Yes, these are really things that go through my head.

Most people engrave stone, acrylic or glass but have we missed a great new opportunity here, this could a whole new way of branding products.

Next I am going to try a banana!
Hopefully a day or 2 after it will go brown an offset it by the stark yellow background.
This could be so cool!!

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